How to Plan your Holiday Getaway in your own car

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Eight reasons why you should take a vacation in your car

With the summer vacation peeking round the corner, it is time to pack your bags. Planning a good vacation can be as complex as juggling bookings, budgets, shopping, packing, and more – or it can be as simple as stepping into your car, with your bag in the boot. Here are some reasons why taking a holiday in a car can be the best idea for your next trip:

Joy in your budget

If you want to go on a holiday, you will need to book plane and train tickets well in advance or they will cost you a bomb – they may anyway. In addition, all a plane or train can do is transport you from one place to another without taking in much of the scenic journey. Remember, the fun is in the making. If you are in your car – or even a rented car –, you can really relish the journey as you speed along the highway stopping at any quaint town or village that takes your fancy.

The Explorer

Every state – and country – has a wealth of culture, cuisine, and heritage hidden behind its major cities and freeways. If you take your car, you can drive along the inner roads exploring new towns as you go. You will learn a lot about what I may call the three Cs – culture, craft, and cuisine. You can even sample the food at the roadside eateries that serve the real thing unlike five star hotels that serve their own version. Who knows, some may even let you try your hand at cooking!

Disconnect and Reconnect

Back home we are all immersed in our work and gadgets with little time to share our day with one another. Going on a family holiday in your car will give you a chance to reconnect. You need not be cramped in though – just rent an SUV if your own car is not big enough to accommodate everyone. As you drive along, you can discuss anything that you always meant to but never got around doing.


If you live in a city, you will know what I mean right off the bat. Your time away from the concrete jungle is precious. Use it to reconnect with nature as you cruise along the narrow inner roads of the places you pass. Listen to the birds in the trees, take in the fragrance of the forest, feel the wind in your face – turn off your car AC – and let yourself blend with mother earth. A stop over at a jungle resort or a farm visit for a day is a great idea. It’s best to get a rental car so that you don’t have the stress of driving yourself.

Let Go

Back home you are a slave to your clock. De-rule and let go of timetables, departures, arrivals and all that keeps you on a strict schedule. Define your own itinerary as you drive, stopping wherever you wish to explore. You can try out new things like sitting beside the potter as he makes his pots in Rajasthan or learning a few words Tamil or Malayalam in the south. I am talking about a road trip in India here but you can learn French, German, or Spanish dialects just as easily.

You are in control

Air travel or train travel is the more convenient option, – especially if you are the one who has to drive. But if you are at the wheel, it is you who controls where you stop and when you set off. You can take your time getting there. If you are travelling with tiny tots, setting your own pace is perhaps better than following a timetable.

There’s More

If you have ever travelled in your car you will know that the games you play and the music you sway to during your trip are some of the best memories of your life. There is nothing like sitting in a car and singing along – albeit a bit off tune – with your loved ones. Get a good car stereo system though – and pack in some of your favorite CDs to play.

Ready Steady Go!

So what are you waiting for? True road trips can be tiring and it takes longer to get there. But think of all the fun you will have along the way! If I were you, I would just make it one big car travel vacation and pack in some camping gear for stopovers. If per chance you do not own a car, you can always tale a holiday in a rental car. Happy Journey!

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